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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

May we have comments from the experts please?

SIA will act against those who distribute its training material

Singapore Airlines says it will take action against individuals misrepresenting themselves in such a way that people are led to believe they are representing the company, and if they distribute its training materials
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Anonymous said...

Do not worry my friend because you have not done anything wrong.As a matter of fact SQ should thank you for filtering the wanabes for them.
Lawyer Burok

MCBabe said...

haiz.all these people why so kiasu one.ppl earn money also not against the law, why need to make it such a big deal also dunno

Anonymous said...

It makes me sick to see people saboing an old fellow who is out to make an honest living.

Anonymous said...

Oh....I think I remember you from your pix. You did my FSS training in 1988. If my memory serves me correctly, you related the story of how you got a huge cut on your inner thigh while trying a to uncork a bottle of wine....missing your "future generation". And...when they tried to adminster O2 to you, someone was stepping over the O2 tube. If that is you, till today, I still remember that story. I would deter anyone that would use thier thighs as leverage when uncorking wine bottles. PS. No longer flying, but SQ was one of the biggest break in my life. It enable this Ipoh girl to save enough to go to college in USA and now living the American Dream. I am now a senior underwriter for a financial company in USA. There is life after SIA...plan it well to all those SIA cabin crew and wanabees.