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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sharing your stories and It ain't difficult to sleep with ...

People shared their interesting stories at this blog and so can you

It ain't difficult to sleep with the here

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Anonymous said...

Quid Pro Quo. All these senior crew sexually harrasing all the younger stewardess and think they are GOD. There is Karma out there. Yeah...I remember MR Rajah asked me to his hotel room for performance review in Dubai when I first started flying. He left the door ajar, I walked him and saw him with his boxer shorts and sitting with legs apart. I could see all his stuff -- they look sick cow's lungs. Black and dirty. I walked out on him....and he gave me a hard time from Dubai to London. And I had to hide from him in London cause he kept calling me. I litterally had to run away from him in Glasgow hotel lobby. SHIT!!!I was just 18 years old...and he tried to take advantage of me by abusing his position. He was my AOTC, ward leader. So...all cabin crew out there, stand by your principles.