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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Worried cos girl friend is gonna be an SIA Gal.

Dear boh tong,

My girlfriend is about to become an air stewardess, and she's 19 coming on to 20. She just passed the interview rounds, which according to her were very easy! Anyways, is this a cause for concern for me? We've been together for 6 months and she is very reliable, hardworking, loyal to her friends, speaks French and has never once given me any worry. Until I read your blog, which I think was a good thing for me.

I am more worried that the captains will try to hit on her and force her to do funny things with them rather than she actively cheating on me, because she has lots of chances to do that but she doesn't. I am currently based in the ... for work and will be back in June, permanently.

Pls advise!


Concerned boyfriend

Any advice friends for the poor b/f?


Anonymous said...

20 yr old gf. How old are you? You only known her for six months.Too young to have a stable relationship.If you are so fearful of losing her that means both of you are not compatable.Its always better to make the right decision in choosing the right partner before regretting it for the rest of you life. Trust is the keyword.

Anonymous said...

yea i agree, i'll flying soon and my boyfriend and i are only together for 3 months... the most important thing is to have trust, and let her do what she loves doing.. =) that's what i feel.

Anonymous said...

If one feels insecure, then one should look for a not so pretty gf, cos a pretty girl will always attract men, fact of life. Otherwise, if one has a pretty gf, then focus on one's own merits (career, sincerity, health) and strenghten them continuously, and she will stay with you. Once a girl's heart is with u, she will keep thinking of u, even if she is working with alot of men. My 2 cents worth.

Anonymous said...

aiyah! pretty then can earn big bucks mah!

not pretty better put paper bag over the head before you do anything lor.

Carl H. said...

dun worry lah. If she is yours she is yours. No matter how lecherous other man may be, she still stand strong with you. if u are so protective about it might think of leaving u instead. At age of 20, is the time to explore her life unless u wanna to tie her down to marriage, then u got the right to stop her from doing wat she wants.
getting ard in the airline might also make her appreciate u more.. think POSITIVELY!

Anonymous said...

what is her name ah?
I take care of her for you in the Airlines and then she will have more experience for you.

You must be more positive than positive, must think out of the box.

Anonymous said...

Well, reverse the roll and I am pretty sure you will jump at the chance to be a cabin crew with all the temptations. That is life! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I married the love of my love. A girl, I fell in love with from JC at 18. I tried to date her, but she rejected. Then she joined SIA at 20. Got a lot of sex experience with men and stewards. Finally married a Hongkie Hotelier at 29 and moved to NZ. Within 1 year, gave birth to a baby boy and divorced within a year. I found her again when she was

Anonymous said...

34. We fell in love and I was by then a very successful US MNC Corporate topbrass. We had the best sex life at this time. When I married her she totally changed and withheld intimacy from me throughout our 12 year marriage. Later I was to find out that she had been raped by her senior Stewardess' husband and then had a 6 year relationship with him. This was during the days of team flying. I am in the process of getting a divorce from her and she has drained me of my $2 MILLION assets and has totally destroyed my life.