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Saturday, April 5, 2008

I love this ex stewardess(Lily Ann) and sympathises the others

Don't get me wrong for heaven sake cos I have got nothing to do with her in real life. In cabin crew,it's a norm to address the gals as "honey" "darling","sweety" and v v etc etc..As a way of expressing how much you appreciate your colleague,it's fine to say eg. "love you sweetheart", "I miss you baby" etc etc.
This ex SIA stewardess is an angel. She is a super super ( today young ppl's lingo)positive lady and an excellent mom. She, during all these while that I know her has never whine or complain about whatever I blog,be it bad or otherwise,about stewardesses or ex stewardess. If she didn't like what I said,she would diplomatically make a joke out of it.
In my last post, I talked about sleeping with stewardesses as one of the perks which will enticed me to be a cabin crew again if given a chance,Lily Ann was not offended. It is not that she slept around when she was a crew but she simply ignored that part which may be offensive to her and other stewardesses.
Yes,I love Lily Ann ( don't tell hubby ok) for her character. A capable cabin crew and now a loving mother to her 2 young children,she is enjoying her life. No wonder, Lily got into SIA on her first attempt at the interview.
Perhaps, Lily should blog about her life as a SIA gal,would you please,Honey? It would definitely be interesting. Or you rather not because hubby may come to know about the little skeletons you have been keeping in your closet...hehehe.
For mother wannabes as well as existing mothers,you all should visit Lily's blog and find out how to "run" the family with loving efficiency.

Now we turn to a current SIA gal who has been flying for about 2 years.
Her name is Gloria. She bitches about almost everything except herself. She hates her nasty passengers (actually who doesn't)and blog negatively about her dad and tell the whole world that her dad "raped" her mom during one of their night stops ( Mom and dad were cabin crew). She really sucks!

What about this gal who is into her 7th month of flying with SIA? She was dying to be a stewardess,against her dad's wishes but now found out that her stay overseas are boring. She is also worried that her boyfriend,not a crew though,is neglected and paying attention to some gals on the "ground". She won't last long,with this type of character. I can predict that eventually she would quit flying to spend more time with her boyfriend but only to discover her boyfriend has already two timed her.
Poor gal should get a counselling lesson from Lily Ann. true of the saying that "it takes all sorts of ppl to make the world".


Sia Wannabe said...
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Sia Wannabe said...

of course he must have did something to me after he got in to SIA ma..if not why would i leave him.........

Lily Ann said...

Goash! No wonder I notice the readership came from your blog.
FYI, I didn't get in in 1st attempt. I got in my dunno 5th or 6th attempt. Only 3 times to really step into the then Dynasty Hotel, the others were kicked out at the height measuring. Coz' my height is just nice so they always push me down, fail me. Very upset. Last try, I managed to breeze through all. I have this motto, "many failures = success. And if you don't try, you wouldn't know where you stand."
My flying years had been terrific; really terrific. I had nice paxs on the whole, I enjoyed my job and I prefer to forget those nasty paxs.Really nothing to blog about. Unless sometimes I remember funny incidences then I will.

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

passion for the job.
it's the same for any other job...
some plp love it to bits...
some plp complain non-stop!
I love the job.
I will do it all over again if given the choice to do so!
It is a GREAT job!!

Anonymous said...

Have you slept with LilY

Anonymous said...

carl to answer u, I have not yet..hehehe...why don't u ask Lily Ann?

Lily Ann said...

Carl : - Wu liao.... not all crew sleep around ok?