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Friday, 4 April 2008

I will do it all over again if given the chance.

If I am given the chance,I will want to be a cabin crew with Singapore Airlines again. The are several good reasons for my saying so.
It is a job that let me stay in 5 star hotels. The job itself is fun,working with different people all the time,unlike in an office where you would be facing the same colleagues day in and day out.
It is also not a monotonous 9 to 5 job and get your days off on weekends. As a crew,my days off would be like 2 to 4 or even 5 days in a stretch. On standby days where most of the time we are not activated are considered as days off.
The pay is not bad especially if you are not a graduate. To earn an average of S$3,500 a month plus around 3 to 6 months bonus a year with SIA is quite good.
I get to meet all kinds of people and most are nice except for a few who might slap me.....but then I don't mind because I would be paid 50k for a "gentle" slap from the super rich.
I would also get to meet sexy and friendly ladies on board and I would even have the chance to sleep with them in my cosy hotel rooms.
If I am a gay,I would be able to "Kow suar"(get connected) handsome man of different nationalities. Working in the office would make me vomit when I see my boss's face ( most of the time not handsome).
Besides the beautiful sexy ladies passengers,most likely I would have stewardesses as my bed partners during those cold snowy nights. In all probability,I won't miss my family cos I would be pre-occupied during my night stops.
If I am an alcoholic, drinks are either free or cheap and most likely I would die drinking which is better than dying of cancer with its unbearable pain.
If a passenger is not nice to me,I can do all sorts of things to get the frustration out of my chest. I can't scold or be rude to him but I can....hmmmm ( trade secret ma).
Stay tune,more shit coming your way...hehehe


Anonymous said... wunder all the wannabes try so hard to get selected with such good perks...does this analogy also apply to that they can invite their married bfs along? Not to mention the perks they can also enjoy with the cces when their married bfs are unavailable? - old grandfather wishing he was young again!

Anonymous said...

Uncle BT you lose touch liao lah, flying is no longer as what you describe now, layover is so short that you don't even have time to sleep. Crew that drink also not much left as work is getting more and rest is getting less so no time for drinking liao. Girls don't even go out with you anymore we are all lone ranger now, how to bed them =)6 months bonus...considering our very low basic, its really not a big plus points. I would advice you that in your next life you better don't be a cabin crew as it will only get worst from the direction that the management is going.

Lily Ann said...

I agree with anonymous that layovers are short now.
But... I'll still do it again. This time round, open my eyes big big and kao-shua PCL (super rich man's son) pax or the technical crew. Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Well, I would do it all over again. As for a stewardess' perks, you might land a rich man. I personally know someone that did. She is now a stay at home mom at a foreign country, with 2 maids, live in a 5 million $$ home, 4 luxury cars @ home,and whole family fly 1st or Raffles Class home when they go back. FYI, ball park figure, US$10K+ for FRCL and US$6K+. Yeah...the whole family go home every year...not including the FRCL travels the hubby does every month. She must have at least 12-13 LV handbags, and she owning the whole monogram line is not an exergeration.

Anonymous said...

I want to be a Union Chief like H. Y. Chew :)

Anonymous said...

But much Taller, Less Chee-Hong,

Less Hypocritical, O. K . ?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

OMG ! Don't be like that shortie as we teochews say these type of people Bo Ho Si.

Anonymous said...

This is to response to the last 2 posts. I dunno why ppl do all these stupid things. I did a flight with this IFS ....long time ago. Don't remember his stupid name cause he is such an ASSHOLE!!!! I did a Male flight with him working first class. The ASSHOLE, kept half of the FRCL food to OFFLOAD to Male. So, I just looked so stupid with my trolley cause there was so little food on the trolley. He was standing in the galley making sure I give pax small portions. It was so MALU-- I tell you. I was a guest star in his flight, apparently he does this all the time. This are the kind of ASSHOLES I hate. Short change pax, then taroh the crew teruk teruk to his own advantage. Let me go look through my old photo album to see if I find his cheapstake face. Then I will email UNCLE BT his photos.

Anonymous said...

Quickly email uncle BT the photos so we all can see who that cheapskate was...kekeke