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Sunday, 13 April 2008

My accuser apologised after a threat to sue.

At first he accused me of all sorts of things and now he blogs to so very funny hahaha. Below in green is that ass's apology. For more of his nonsense click here to see.

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I am now an admirer of boh tong and Luke
Yesterday Post a comment
Dear BT can you teach me to make money from Googles Ads. I need some doe too,please sir help me.

Hi Luke! can you help me with Talk. Teach me because I can also teach to cabin crew wannabes. I am retired form flying and have years of experience like you but unable to make a living after my retirement. I thought of driving a taxi but it is dangerous to drive in Singapore.

I apologise again for defaming you Luke. Sorry.



Anonymous said...

Real stupid,shd not have defamed BT in the first place!

MCBabe said...

well scold him already and really wanna give him a big big slap....

Boh Tong said...

aiya leave those morons alone.they are just envious thats all