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Friday, 16 May 2008

Expat B777/A340 Captain's remuneration

Monthly Basic Salary

S$8850 during ground and line training.
S$9300 thereafter.

Service Benefits And Allowances

Productivity Allowance/Flying Allowance:

Ranges from S$55 to S$220 per hour. Lump sum payment of S$500 per flight for Flight Duty Period (FDP) exceeding 16 hours.

Meal Allowance (Monthly Average):

Approximately S$1810 (B777) and S$1500 (A340-500)

Transport Allowance in Singapore:

S$29 per round trip.

Annual Wage Supplement:

Up to one month’s basic salary, at the Company’s discretion.

Profit Sharing Bonus:

Payable depending on Company’s performance.

Privilege Travel:

Free air travel for employee, spouse and eligible dependants once a year.
Discounted travel on other occasions.

Annual Leave:

6 calendar weeks.

Other Benefits:

Medical/dental assistance for employees. Subsidised medical insurance for spouse and children.

Additional Benefits

Gratuity: S$10,000 per completed year of service. Payable on completion of contract tenure.

House Rental Assistance:

A fixed lump-sum monthly house rental assistance of S$3100.

Child Education Assistance:

A maximum limit of S$1,400 per child per month for eligible dependents attending recognised schools.


The offer is for contracts of up to 5 years with prospects for extension.

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