Thursday, May 29, 2008

Not all cabin crew are bad.

Please don't get me wrong. I have said time and again that only a minority of the stewardesses are rotten apples.But who are we to judge? They screw around but are they bad in the real sense of the word?
Some of the readers are simpletons. Just because a girl or a guy fuck around they are judged as being whores,prostitutes, bitch blah,blah.......
In my blog,I've never branded these crew as bad people. On the other hand,I had called nasty and unreasonable passengers as assholes and what not.
In my humble opinion, 90% of the crew are good and honest people out to make a living. Those readers who simply jumped to conclusion and accused me of tarnishing the image of the cabin crew are nincompoop. I've had praised the crew and blogged about how good they were not taken noticed of.
Go and read the latest comment by a so called "PPSsolitaire" on Beh's blog about my "adventure" with Beh when she was still flying as a stewardess.
That bloke must be drooling like crazy after reading about how Beh and I had made love in a hotel room. Sure the story was real and true about me and Beh. The only thing not true was the girl's name wasn't Beh. Why in the world would I want to make up stories? That bloke commented and let me quote..." Don't taint the image of all the SIA girls just cos' you can't screw any of them no matter how hard you tried. It's pathetic".
No boasting my buddy but the truth is I had screwed more SIA girls than you can count the fingers on your hands and toes on your feet. I had bedded more girls than the number of hotels you have stayed at outstation. So what if you are a so called pps solitaire passenger. Well I am kinda surprised because a PPS Solitaire like you is able to find the time despite of the busy business schedule to read and post a long comment on my blog that is " biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard about stories in SIA ".


Laughing PPSSolitaire owner said...

*laugh* so Mr. Boh Tong, in your words, people with PPS Solitaire does not have a life or time to do other things in life?
First of all, I wouldn't read your bullshit stories if there was no link in AsiaOne where I read the real stories.
Secondly, you didn't portray that major of the cabin crew are crap but insinuation plays a big part of all your stories in either Beh Tong or Boh Tong.
Thirdly, the way you portray your stories are really hilarious. The art of writing are so similar regardless of whether you are Boh or Beh.
Last but not least, just keep on doing what you do best. Writing Fantasies. Sure, I am drooling but not from your stories but the more juicy ones I can read from Penthouse or Playboy where they do not need to pretend to be a few women with tragic but sensual life stories similar to ones in "Lace".
As for screwing more women, yeah I believe it could be true since Geylang is cheap and fantasizing them to Air Stewardesses are a good way to enjoy yourself.
Don't expect myself to reply anymore to your blog or comments or I would be helping you generate the much needed traffic for your meagre income.

Boh Tong said...

Hey mister u aren't welcome here anyway.I do not need ur help to generate traffic but I do need a giant like AsiaOne whose team of journalists after thorough and professional research believe in my now don't come and tell me that I've connection with AsiaOne ppl....cross my heart cos I don't know those ppl...hahaha