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Sunday, 25 May 2008

Why many SIA cabin crew wannabes.........

Many sia cc wannabes failed today's walk in interview at sheraton tower hotel.I heard 7 out of 10 didn't make it pass the 1st round.There are 4 rounds at every interview and 90% don't even smell the management or 4th round. Many tried umpteenth times and still don't make it pass the 3rd round.
Attending the talk by veteran cc executive luke tan is definitely beneficial but look at your face in the mirror first.If you look like a vampire,luke's talk can't help you. You need to go for plastic surgery and rectified that face first. First thing first.Go and get that flat nose or that small squint eyes fixed.....sigh sigh but as most of us know when it comes to spending relatively small sum of money on whatever to get the cabin crew job,S'porean and M'sian are too miserly to fork out that kind of money.
Heard from luke that many wannabes conned him into giving them valuable tips and advices without them attending his talk. It seemed these cheapskate wannabes emailed him and on the pretext of wanting to attend his talk will ask him questions on how to sneak pass the interviews. Luke would kindly give them asistance trusting they will attend his talk.....but they never did. Some of these cheapos even managed to get the cc job.
I was told that there was a gal who asked Luke for private coaching which was discontinued a month or two ealier. When told the PC was discontinued she pleaded with Luke to conduct the talk just for her on a weekday. Asking for a discount is already bad but she asked Luke to conduct the talk near where she lived i.e. the east cost when Luke is staying at the north point.
Another emailed luke asking for a discount for the purchase of his soft copy of the programme.
Just wondering whether that Penang ass applied for the cc job. You know the one who played luke out regarding the PC. If these types of people are being employed,surely they would be a liability to the company.
There are cheapos,con men and women applying for the cc posts and I hope the airlines will be wary of such characters.
Wanna a $5k ( heard these days,a cc with sia can earn $5k easily)job but unwilling to pay $100 for a talk or pay $30 for tips to sneak into sia.
Wait till i get more info or stories from luke then i will post them right here.


JQ said...

hi BT, can i view ''BT's new blog''? i love to read ur blog :) anyway, thx for posting so many interesting blog^^

bohtong said...

JQ, I've left a comment in your blog and hope u will like it.

Anonymous said...

Sad to say, I realized that most of the SQ crew are short not funny looking these days, what happened to SQ's standard

JQ said...

hi BT:), is my pleasure to be ur fren~:) and ya, i read ur comment in earlier...and thx for tat,i really appreciate it:)thx dear fren :)