Saturday, June 21, 2008

Besides stewardess Gloria this one is pissed off with her airline stewardess job too. Now she mentioned her employer as XXX and Gloria calls hers Nameless Airline.
Hey SG Gal, regarding the medical thing,the senior stewardesses are to blamed. XXX was a tolerant and generous company until those gals took advantage and abused the privileges.
Do you know most crew stayed in first class wards when they were sick? XXX put crew in 5 star hotels during their night stops. Not now huh,but why?
Crew took MCs whenever they didn't want to fly. Some even took Mcs for half a year every year and XXX still paid them fat bonuses and salaries. They were unproductive but the union helped them by screwing people like us who tried hard to discipline those skiving crew. CC management had to please the union so as to maintain a "harmonious" relationship.
You said 5 star hotels? Yes that's true but you know what? The crew cooked and dirtied the rooms before they checked out.They partied,gambled,smoked,drank until they are pissed and seldom cleaned their rooms. This type of anti social behaviour is prevalent amongst kiasu S'poreans. The attitude of "not my room,I don't give a f***". TVs,heater/aircon etc were not switched off when they left the rooms to go sight-seeing which sometimes took a day or 2.
Shame on you XXX crew and I support XXX for treating you guys like what SG Gal are complaining about XXX lacking in welfare etc.


pp said...

excuse me, i had eye infection and doctor ordered me not to wear contact lens for one month. Afraid that the m.c will affect my record, i went to see the crew performance assistant manager. I asked him if the company can ground me. He told me to take M.C if the doctor has asked me to.
So i took the M.C for one month.
AFter that , towards the end of the five year contract, it took a lot of interviews and hassles to renew my contract due to i had a one month M.C (although my M.C rate was low for the past 5 years )

is this fair? come on, now who dares to take a lot of M.C?
where got such thing as half a year M.C? DON'T EXAGGERATE!!

Anonymous said...

Ask mr kasim who was the head of the "MC Tribunal" and he shd be able to tell u more abt the long mc the gals took

Anonymous said...

Just wrote a comment to sggal at her blog. Ok, it was a 'fucked her up' comment. Interesting to know that she had sieved through her comments to allow publishing of only those that were sympathetic to her whinnings. So I'm not surprised that my comments will not be up! So those that have read her blog, please don't just listen to a one-sided story! These newbies are not worthy of the job!

kay poh lan said...

Comment 9:03pm..I salute you man or gal or whatever. SG gal needs to be screwed for her shit remarks. Yes she wouldn't publish ur comments if against her.