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Thursday, 26 June 2008

Eric Chia dies of heart attack

SUNGAI PETANI: Former Perwaja Steel managing director Tan Sri Eric Chia Eng Hock died of a heart attack at his Park Avenue Hotel yesterday. He was 74.
A maid called for help after Chia failed to respond when she tried to wake him up at 9am.
The hotel's panel doctor confirmed that the tycoon had died of a heart attack.
The hotel's mechanical engineering department officer, S. Muniandy, 42, said Chia was asleep when he went to his private room at about 7.45am.


Boh Tong's Posts on Tan Sri Eric Chia:

".....I still remember a flight ,where one first class ang moh passenger abused the crew because he could not get a particular seat that he wanted .Another first class passenger by the name of Eric Chia (Datok Chia then) stood up the f***** the hell out of this big sized ang moh. The aircraft was still on the ground and Eric Chia told this ang moh if he was not happy, he ,Eric would buy over his seat. This incident happened in the full view of the other first class passengers and staff. Suddenly, that ass, meekly went to his seat and sat down. I supposed, he knew who Eric was."

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