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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Gloria is for real this time.

Gloria is for real this time,closing even her new blog because of the following post in Stomp by Stomper g1234567 demanding SIA takes action against her and her colleagues for posting her frustration online. Stomper g1234567 and stomper wc had finally put the nail into Gloria's coffin. May u RIP Gloria or at least your blogs,I mean...hahaha

STOMPer g1234567 has written in to ask for SIA's line of action with regard to its staff posting photos of themselves in uniform online and writing comments about work-related issues on their personal blogs.

The STOMPer is referring to a contribution by STOMPer Deana about SIA crew members posting photos of themselves in uniform online, as well as STOMPer WC's alert on a blog he found written by an SIA stewardess, who used vulgarities in her complaints about her job.

Wrote STOMPer g1234567 in an email to STOMP:

"So what is SIA's decision? To sack or not to sack?

"SIA should notify the public (which are also their customers) on this because it is a hot issue. Many are debating about it.

"If the staff can't seem to obey such simple rules and guidelines then they don't deserve at all to be working with such a prestigious airline company.

"In fact they don't belong in the working world for they lack discipline and are immature.

"SIA, please do something about this. Company's image is hanging by a thread here!"

STOMP is contacting SIA for comment. Visit Stomp to view comments and sympathy from the public.

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