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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It is stewardess Gloria's blog stomp talked about.

A few days back a so-called regular passenger of SIA posted a portion of Gloria's post (Gloria is a blogger who claimed she was a stewardess from SIA) with STOMP, a Strait Times' portal urging SIA take stronger action against her for her obnoxiuos posting.
Gloria has since closed her blog to the public but has asked those who are interested to read her blog to email her so she could permit them access.
Heard that SIA has asked her to close her blog but did not take any disciplinary action against Gloria...Phew!
Gloria has alway maintain that SIA is a very good employer.In her blog she vent her frustration mainly against the nasty passengers who had treated her and her colleagues worse than maids. This,I would tend to agree with her. I had personally come across this type of passengers during my 35 years with Singapore Airlines and like Gloria,had blogged about them.
All said,I had also mentioned the passengers who were extremely gracious and good to the crew eg. Sutopo Yap, ex Chief Minister Mustapha of Sabah,Tan Sri Eric Chia, Mr & Mrs Lee Kuan Yew, Mr. E.W. Barker, Mr. Devan Nair, Mr. Robert Kuok,Mr."Suzuki" and many others.
I really don't understand what would that stomper achieved by posting Gloria's blog in STOMP. But is he or she a reguklar passenger with SIA as claimed?

PS This blog express support for gloria

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