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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lastest on Stewardess Gloria's Blog :(

Gloria has completely shutdown her blog and I supposed StomperWc is jumping for joy for getting his/her way. Don't you worry guys because many more "Glorias" will come online,this I can promise you!


Anonymous said...


you can open up a blog, pretend to be a SIA stewardess, and write those stories...after all, you are so good in telling stories..nad you are no longer working for SIA, they cannot sack you..

BT said...

ya ah u are rite....maybe i shd start one blog pretending to be a fss...hahaha...u so kerdevil wan.

kPoKopiO said...

yeah. agree with anonymous..
Because he/she wanted to know more hot stories of cabin crews..
U shld, BT.. Anyway it seems like recently not much stories fr u.
Kind of quiet down.. Where are the stories?? Or are nowadays cabin crew more discipline?