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Thursday, 19 June 2008

My ex-colleague is now a Counsellor

Ladies and Gentlemen,Boys and Gals, if you need counselling in matters like Love, Marriages, Smoking,Gambling, Kleptomania, Bulimia Anorexia etc etc please consult my wonderful ex-colleague Mr. Edmond Tay who possesses a MSocSc in Professional Counselling (Swinburne University) and Reality Therapy Certification (William Glasser Institute).
Edmond would not charge my readers exorbitant rates ( would you Edmond?). Pls mention to Edmond that you are a regular visitors to my blog and you will be entitled to a big discount....right Edmond?

Edmond's blog is


Anonymous said...

pls...Edmond Tay, i hate him. U know when i was a trainee he was the aircraft instructor. I wasn't feeling well during the aircraft visit. later he talked to everyone of us, and when it was my turn, he asked why i walked behind (as in not walking in front with him). So i said that i have menstrual pain. He then suggest that i pinch my nipple regularly , that would help to stop the pain.
i just find this is quite disturbing!!!!

Anonymous said...

omg edmond why did you do that? So sad and now you are a counsellor??

Edmond Tay said...

Counsellors are not perfect people. If you cannot accept imperfect people then there are many people you are unhappy with, including yourself, parents, friends, etc. Holding onto someone's past faults is only hurting yourself.

Anonymous said...

Edmond is right about massaging the nipple to relieve menstrual pain. Check out
Read the passage on Shiatsu Self-Treatment for Dysmenorrhea on TREATMENT. His advice was sound.

boh tong said...

"He then suggest that i pinch my nipple regularly , that would help to stop the pain.
i just find this is quite disturbing!!!!"...why disturbing may I asked? Edmond is right. Go and ask the experts gal.

luke ss tan said...

That trainee of Edmond should not take offence. BT what you said about the new crew in your latest posting is quite right. I have heard of the negative things about them too.
As for Edmond,your reply reflects well of you as a counsellor. I certainly would recommend you to anyone who needs help.