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Sunday, 29 June 2008

Newbie stewardesses dump boyfriends.

There is a general assumption that when a girl joins the airline, she would in all probability dump her boyfriend after 6 months to 1 year of flying.
I agree to the above assumption and I would say 8 out of 10 of these newbies would dump their "old boy friends" and get newer ones.
Ask me why? It is a phenomenon and you "old boy friends" out there be prepared for it. Your sweet angels would not be sweet to you anymore once they start flying. The saying that "There are better fishes in the ocean" is always so true.
As for the stewards, the chances of them leaving their "old girl friends" are lower. It would be 6 out of 10. Reasons? Well the stewards are more careful of the other "..fishes in the ocean" because those fishes could be sharks too.
Like it or not,this is the reality of flying.
In my years as a ward leader to hundreds of crew, I have counselled and spoken to countless cabin crew on this issue. A number of bitter ex "old boy friends" and ex "old girl friends" who couldn't take the humiliation had sought revenge by disclosing to the office of their past misdeeds in the hope of getting them a sack.
One classic case was of an ex husband who wrote to the office and informed them that his ex wife lied when applying to be a stewardess . She did not reveal to the airline she was married at interview ( some years back the airline would not recruit girls who were married ). The ex husband asked the airline to sack her.
Another was the case of a girl who was a kleptomaniac. The ex boy friend informed the airline she had the obsession to steal and shoplift.
There was a girl who wrote in to warn the airline who had recruited her ex boy friend that he was schizophrenic.
There were many of these cases but like I've said before, flying creates a conducive environment for the crew to "swim" and get "netted" in other people's nets.

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