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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Out of this world

Captain Lee had an extra marital affair with a stewardess who had been only flying for a few months. He was short and fat and if not for his position, that newbie stewardess wouldn't have fallen for him.

The stewardess who was involved with Capt Lee was "out of this world" as most of the cabin crew would cheekily called her. Not that she was sexy or gorgeous but her name was Mercury,named after a planet in our solar system.

Mercury was quite arrogant after she was a confirmed crew. What more with capt's backing,she would sometime thought she was Mrs. Captain and would give order to more senior cabin crew. At times, she thought she was assistant captain on the flight with her ugly boyfriend.

Most of her team mates hated her for arrogance. You know the ah lian who made good with a captain lover boy.

Her lover boy gave the cabin crew lots of problem. Capt. Lee was an upstart commander and given the slightest excuse would report the crew to the company. Often times he would allow her in the cockpit for a long period during the long night flight. In such instances,the co-pilot would leave the cockpit and let them have some "privacy".

One day, Mrs Lee found out their affairs and made a big fuss. Mercury was threatened with all sorts of things and finally broke off with her lover boy. We understand Mercury was compensated a few hundred thousand dollars for leaving her lover boy.

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