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Sunday, June 1, 2008

A rookie SIA stewardess's story

Breaking the Silence...

A random look in this deserted blog and I find that people are still coming here. Why do you come here? What are you hoping to read?

Do you hope to see that I have started two-timing with someone on flight?

Do you want to read that I met some hot ang moh man onboard and he is buying me diamonds and pearls?

Let me tell you the truth my friends... working in the airline seems to slowly kill me.

I have been flying to about 6 months now. My "p" plate (probation) period is finally over. But what have I achieved?

I found out that my boyfriend whom I have been with for two years has been secretly seeing someone else ever since I started flying...

They are not intimate with each other, but they share their thoughts and dreams with one another. He tells her that she understands him how no one else can. He says that she can read his thoughts before he even says them.

I took on this job despite my father's disapproval, but only because I knew I had my boyfriend's love and support. Now, our relationship is in a huge mess and crisis.. every flight I go for is a torture. I am currently going to be away from home for 1 week plus, I don't know what he is really up to. I can't spend time with him. I am all alone here.

People say your crew become your family once you start flying. If you have no other family and can deal with having one-two days family relationship and then saying goodbye and never seeing each other again, then yes, crew can be your family. I thought I had my family, my boyfriend - I am not the kind of girl who can switch off and flirt with other men. Having the comfort of a male in my hotel room cannot cause me to forget about the relationship and to try and forgive him and work things out.

Why don't I just forget about him and screw it, you might be thinking..

Deep in my heart, I know my boyfriend only did it because he was very lonely. He only moved to singapore 1 year ago and has no one other than me. When I go for long flights, he is all alone at home, staring at the computer... and when a girl says hi over cyberspace, who would not say hi back? And the rest, they say, is history.

I didn't want to blog at first, because I valued my job and my position with this company. But honestly, I don't think they value me. I have plenty of things to say to wide-eyed girls/guys who dream of joining this company, if you care to listen.

My heart is breaking now slowly and I can only dream of having a 9-5pm job where I know I can come home to my boyfriend everyday.

Source: sg-gal

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