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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Balls carriers got the upper hand

There were crew and cces (cabin crew executive)who made it to the "top" posts in cabin crew not by merits nor their work performances but licking their superiors' asses. An example would be one who used to bring his bosses to his durian plantation in Malaysia (he owns land there)during the durian seasons to feast on the fruits. As though it was not enough, he would "tar pow" them for those superiors who could not join them.
Another one frequently made onigiri ( Japanese sushi roll) and brought them to the office for her manger's lunch. Some would make it a point to buy children's clothing and toys from Mothercare for their superiors' children whenever they flew to the UK.
Buying stuff from overseas for the superiors were a common thing in cabin crew. Some of the crew applied the soft skills they learnt to perfection.
Frankly, I don't want to brand those actions as "bribery". It was more of the "amicablity" " factor than anything else. Cabin crew were taught from day 1 that they must make people love them and in so doing, they could even "get away with blue murder", so to speak.

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