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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Hijacking of SQ117 in 1991.

The leader of the hijacking group took a liking to SIA stewardess Nora. To him, Nora looked and reminded him of his sister. There were times,during the 9 hours of the hijack ordeal that the leader had to deal with his own comrades regarding Nora. One of the hijackers was almost beaten up by the leader when he tried to get "fresh" with Nora.

It was mistake number one for the hijackers to be so distracted and disunited because of one stewardess. I supposed the hijackers were under tremendous pressure and this could have led them to behave irrationally.They even poured alcohol along the ailse and threatened to blow the aircraft.

Mistake number two was when the terrorists threw the two stewards out of the aircraft. These two stewards provided vital information to the authorities regarding the terrorists.

When the commandos killed the 4 hijackers, Nora broke down and cried over the body of the leader. Nora had developed the so called Stockholm syndrome.

I don't think anyone outside of the crew ( selected ones) and the higher management of SIA knew much about the hidden wireless mini microphones that were installed at designated doors of the aircrafts. In a situation like this, the trained cabin crew would whenever convenient,speak into these microphones and relay information about the hijackers to the authorities. We dubbed this action as "saying prayers".

Certain toilets were equipped with tiny plastic like bottles and waterproofed paper. In a situation like this,if the crew had the opportunity to use these toilets,they were trained to write in code form all the information they were able to gather regarding the hijackers eg. how many of them,the nationalities,the colour of their clothing,who was the leader and so forth.The crew would then slipped the information into the little bottles and flush them down. Afterward,when the toilets were overused, the ground staff would empty the toilet bowls by using a suction and the bottles were retrieved for the messages.

SIA was well prepared for any eventualities especially a hijacking back then.I think SIA had discontinued the abovementioned practices.They would, by now have newer and more innovative ways to beat any attempts to cause mischief or havocs on their aircrafts. Do you know that the hijackers did not even have a pistol let alone explosives? They wielded SIA cultery knives and threatened to kill the passengers with these blunt so called weapons.If the hijackers had real explosives and guns, it would not have been that easy for our commandos to kill all the four of them in thirty seconds without causing injuries and death among the passengers.

In conclusion, the hijackers were a bunch of amateurs, bickering over a stewardess, throwing out the two stewards,and trying to bluff the whole world with their faked guns and explosives.

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Anonymous said...

The Registration of the B737 was STP, mischievously acronymed of 'Storm the plane' and 'Shoot the Pakis'. XCrew