Saturday, July 5, 2008

SIA intake of cabin crew is dwindling?

I beg to differ from Luke SS Tan that SIA intake of cabin crew is dwindling because they have enough of cabin crew.
Mind you Singapore Airlines pays the full bonuses on 7 July to all its staff and crew. So there would be crew who quit after the payment in July. Frankly the number of crew who left after July 7 is a mystery. My estimate would be around 300 to 500 left after receiving their bonuses and terminating their contracts.
Coming back to my point that SIA is not about to scale down on its cabin crew intake, I think SIA needs at least 1,000 cabin crew to replace those who had left and those who are about to leave for this whole year.
Then how about SIA's expansion plan? Flying to Latin America is only a matter of time . If that be the case plus with the 23 cabin crew on each A380 flight,SIA is short of another 1,000 cabin crew in the next 2 years (barring any setback to the world economy).
So to you SIA cabin crew wannabe, there are still plenty of opportunities to be part of that great airline SIA.


Anonymous said...

Hi BT,

We will wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Anyway just wanna let u know that SIA had given out the bonus in full this time around in JUly as I had got mine. Rather than what u said about half in july and half in december.