Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Thank you for .........John"

He was a charming young Senior First Officer who had logged in a couple thousands of flying hour. He was on the way to his big promotion in a matter of months. To be promoted to the rank of a Captain is every co-pilot's dream.
The perks that come with being a Captain are rewarding. Besides, being paid around S$20,000 a month (gross salary) for a start, a Captain has many other perks. He and his family travels first class during their vacation. He is entitled to the generous company's share option, low interest on housing and car loans etc.
For John the SFO, it's a dream that was to be realised. However, besides being happy at the prospect of becoming a Capt., John hadn't forgotten to enjoy his life,particularly during his nightstops at outstation.
John had a weakness for beautiful women. John loved taking blondies to bed. Not that he didn't like Asian women but he much preferred Caucasian women. He had his time with a couple of stewardesses but he was overly suspicious of them. John had the impression that stewardesses wanted long term relationship which he isn't in favour of. As much as he could, he would avoid going to bed with stewardesses.
In one cool autumn night while he was at Gloucester Station,London during his stop over, John befriended a tall voluptous blond by the name of Christine. She had just finished working in a cosmetic shop and on her way home,in the tube when John caught her eye. Which women wouldn't? Afterall, John was a tall dashing handsome young man of mixed races. His mum was European and dad Chinese. He looked like that MediaCorp actor called Utt.
John was unaware that Christine was quietly admiring him in the seat right in front of him. They were both travelling in the direction of Gloucester from Piccadilly. Both disembarked at Gloucester Station and it was at this time when Christine on the pretext of not wearing a watch politely asked John for the time.
All at once, their eyes met and both fell in "love" instantly. There was a strong sexual attraction rather than anything else.
Be back for more please.........

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