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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cabin crew union chief's message

23rd June 2008

Dear comdrades,

The Points of Agreement (POA) on Cabin Crew items have been signed on 10th Jun 2008. Pending the conclusion of the Collective Agreement, a C.A booklet will be printed by the Company and SIASU and will be distributed to all members. SIASU as a whole is still in the midst of the Collective Agreement negotiations. As members are aware, SIASU is made up of many other Divisions.

I would like to assure all members that we hear and understand the gripes our members are facing on a daily basis. My team is working fervently to address all issues raised by you.

Recently, we had an intense meeting with management to look into outstanding issues affecting crews’ welfare and morale.

Below is a summary of issues and the steps management is willing to take to prevent further deterioration of the current situation.

Crew Shortage Situation

We had raised this issue with Management for months. SIASU’s concern is that the problem will be further amplified comes 7th July 2008. SIASU wanted management to commit to a contingency plan should the number of crew leaving is higher then expected.

Management had informed SIASU that the shortage of crew will be resolved soon. In the event that the attrition rate is higher then what they have predicted, Market Planners will have to maintain or reduce flights to resolve this shortage which we all know is taking a heavy toll on crews’ health due to fatigue.

Link Flights Administered By Control Centre

Crew are called-up during standbys and disruption to their original rosters are inevitable. This we understand.
What used to be practiced by Control Centre on ‘best fits’ standby call-up to minimize disruption to crew’s roster is no longer a practice. Instead, the so called “best fits” now is standby called ups which very often ended up with a standby before a long flight. And it has become a norm lately.
Example, standby before FRA/JFK, HKG/SFO, DXB/IST etc.
Furthermore, no extra OFF day is given since the duration of the 9 days COP, inclusive of the turnaround flight (called up) before the LONG FLIGHT is still 3 days.
SIASU had raised this issue with higher Cabin Crew Management and we hope to put a stop to this “practice”.

A345A Flexi-Dining (SIN/EWR/SIN)

SIASU had objected strongly to offering “Flexi-dining” on ULR flights. Since the introduction, there was a tremendous increase in workload which we are very concern will affect the safety operation (especially during the landing phase) of the flight if crews are all over-worked and fatigue sets in.

Cabin Crew Management had agreed to suspend this service with effect from 16th Jun 2008.

Sharing Of Hotel Rooms.

SIASU had protested to Management that it is unacceptable for overseas stations to ask crew for assistance to share room after a long and tiring flight. For whatever reasons there may be. Recent case in DME and FRA had made crew very upset and SIASU had highlighted to management no amount of compensation can buy one’s privacy.
SIASU WANTS management to put a stop to this practice at all station immediately.

New Announcement Text

Recently, Management had issued a new Announcement text and wanted crew to print out these texts at their own expense. SIASU disagreed and instead asked Management to issue to all ranking crew a set each. Which management has agreed.

NTUC Vouchers For Flights Departed With Minus Crew

This arrangement had been agreed between Management and SIASU but information on how and when these vouchers will be given out to affected crew is not clearly spelled out. Management had informed SIASU that a communiqué will be released to inform all crew on the above matter.

CPR Assessment

Currently crew are required to do five cycles of CPR during their first aid assessment. Feedback from crew was that some crew had to stay back till as late as 7pm to pass this assessment.
SIASU had asked Management can a three cycle CPR be deemed suffice as long as it doesn’t compromise on standard.

Punitive Measures On Crew Accumulating 7 days MCs or More

Wardleaders have been calling crew for a meeting at STC once a crew has accumulated 7 days MCs. SIASU feels that this is not right. As all MCs were issued by SIA appointed doctors, management should recognize the MCs
SIASU had asked Management to put a stop to this practice immediately and not to ask crew to meet their wardleaders at STC during their OFF days.

A380 Aircraft Visit/Service Training

For months, crew undergoing this training spent up to four hours in the aircraft with temperature of 32 degrees or more without any air-conditioning. SIASU had demanded something be done or training duration be cut to not more then 2 hours.
Management had looked into this and had asked Engineering to help switch on the air-conditioning during these training sessions.

Saturday Classes at STC

There were instances where Saturday classes were conducted without sufficient food at the canteen and without air-conditioning. SIASU raised these issues with training department and Training Department had assured SIASU that these lapses had been investigated and there will be no re-occurrence.

New Service Implementations

SIASU had raised our concern that logistics and aircraft designs are not being considered when implementing new service procedures. How can crew effectively carry out these new services when there is no logistic supports?
SIASU had asked Cabin Crew Management to speak up for crew instead of allowing Inflight Services Department (ISD) to ‘bulldoze’ any new initiatives without proper planning.

Collection of New Male Uniform

Crew were asked to collect their new uniform at Commonwealth. SIASU had informed Management that this is inconvenient as it would be far away from many crews’ residence. As such, crew can now collect their new uniform either at the Commonwealth or at Shaw Centre.

From all the above issues, I hope crew members are reassured that we do take seriously all constructive feedback and act on them expeditiously. I will be writing to keep you updated every quarterly on issues that affect our membership at large.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all new members and thank everybody for your strong support for my team. For record, we have 5,200 (70%) members as at end May 2008. That’s a very encouraging sign and I hope we can achieve 90% membership by the next SIASU election.

I wish all good health.
Thank You.

Yours Truly


Source: SIASU cabin crew branch.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good ! As long as Chairman

DON'T practice cronyism and chee-

hongism, its OK !

Anonymous said...

Ya lor i concur with e 1st comment for in e past alot of cronyism and abuse of power.
Eddie Chee H.

Anonymous said...

Left SQ 7 yrs ago and looks like same "shit different day". Anyway anybody else in power is better than Eddie Chew and cronies. His days in SQ are numbered. He better migrate after he retires as many of his "victims" are waiting for him.

Anonymous said...

Left SQ in 1993. Like the comment above, so glad I went back to school and study lor....I don't think I can stand this kind abuse at my old age. Ok when I was in my early 20's fresh out of school....gotta kiss ASS to management and kow tow to control center.

Anonymous said...

just to let you know that team flying has been permanently removed to prevent senior crew from accepting bribes for good check reports as was in the past.

happy flying!

Anonymous said...

although CPIB could not trace bribery money given by junior crew to senior crew and CCEs,

it is an established fact that many CCEs made tonnes of money from collecting fees for good check reports and promotions.

As they have all been given golden handshakes, the company has permanently removed TEAM FLYING to prevent these operations from occurring again.

happy flying!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
although CPIB could not trace bribery money given by junior crew to senior crew and CCEs,

What a stupid statement that was (above)!!! CPIB can't trace? You are naivee aren't you? This is S'pore and not some Sodom countries.
Pain in the ass!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
although CPIB could not trace bribery money given by junior crew to senior crew and CCEs,

Got shit in ur brain or wat,how can CPIB cannot trace!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yah lor,
every crew meal like shit like that!

that's why dont eat crew meal.

eat orlady kena kong tau and then must pay money for good check and promotions.


Anonymous said...

you want more hits on your blog you must reveal the price list for check reports lah!

then more people will know how much to pay for good check reports and promotions.

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Anonymous said...

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