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Monday, 11 August 2008

No rest in peace for the late SIA flight stewardess Bee Bee.

If you were to read yesterday's Straits Times it would be difficult for you to miss an article about the tussle between the late stewardess's nephew and her lover.
Nephew got the hair salon and the flat worth over $1 mil and lover boy got the joint savings account of $300+k.
The case was settled by the court when her nephew sued lover boy for the savings $$. The judge called nephew "greedy" and allowed lover boy to keep the 300+k.
I personally knew Bee and ex hubby Mike. They were a wonderful pair,working for MSA/SIA as cabin crew back in the 1970s. They met while working for the airline,married and left for London to take up hairstyling.
As an ex-colleague, I must say they were a sweet loving couple who worked their guts out to give their passengers a service that other airlines talk about.
Bee Bee was an absolutely stunning young lady. She joined cabin crew when she was barely 19. Mike was the envy of every male crew and passengers when he courted Bee. Mike was tall and skinny. We were puzzled when Bee fell for him.
Perhaps,Bee saw something in him that we couldn't.
This is my short comment on the case and I hope nephew and lover boy would let Bee's soul rest in peace.


Spider63 said...

Interesting how lives play out and are gone and what happens to all their contributions and memories?

Anonymous said...

She loved Michael but he was too disrepectful and kepting fooling ard with their own staff.