Friday, August 1, 2008

The things I like and hate working for SIA (Singapore Airlines) cabin crew division.

Hmmm...... come to think of it there only a few things I hate working for my previous employer,......or is it? Maybe as one gets older in age ( looks still look young la),one tends to forget things easily. Well,well,well I can't really really recall the things I detest about my previous employer,except for a few.
However, when it comes to the happy memories of working for SIA I can think of more,ya more nice memories than bad ones.
Let me start with the pros first.
Salary wise it was good. Imagine a 'O' level holder-trainer getting a basic and taxable allowances of around S$6,000 plus average of $1.5k a month(tax free). My colleagues and I travelled first class during our 'duty travel' (to do work overseas eg. crew interviews, surveys etc). During our vacation we were entitled to fly first class too. Our younger graduate colleagues were not given the same privileges. They could only fly f/c when they were promoted to the managerial positions.
We were encouraged to be members of the luxurious SIA sports club at a few bucks a month. If you do not have that bad habit of playing the 'one armed bandit' then it is profitable otherwise you will help SQ pay for the facilities. SQ sports club expenses and overheads are mainly sponsored by these gambling suckers.
All of us were given the opportunity of accumulating SIA shares years ago before SIA became a public company at the cost of a few bucks. These shares doubled and tripled through bonuses and splits etc. and best of all, SIA allow its staff to take company's loans to pay for the shares at low interest rates.
When SIA went public in the 1980s, many staff became rich. The shares they purchased averaged a dollar or two (depending when they bought them) and when SIA was listed on the stock exchange the shares were trading at around $5 per piece. The highest it went up was ard $18 plus. So can you imagine those of us who owned 100 lots or more and still keeping them? 100 lot or 100,000 SIA shares at today's value (S$15 now)equal 1.5 millions $. Plus on top of it all,we were given share options. For the option alone, a senior staff could have reaped a million bucks if it was bought say during the year 2000 and sold at 15 to 18 $ per pc.
SIA subsided staffs' hotel/chalets accommodation in near countries like Malaysia and the Asean regions. They may have discontinued this practice.
Perks aplenty if you worked for this airline. Heard SIA has cut back some of these perks. What about working condition? Super good I would dare say. I will get into that later.......


Anonymous said...

hi BT, took me 3 weeks to complete reading the whole website..hehe

this is my first posting, very interesting stories.. im in love wit a SIA stewardess but i dont dare to express my feelings to her.. after reading ur blog kinda afraid she might be involved wit someone in the industry

Anonymous said...

wah lau u so patient one ah? 3 weeks is a long time la. tell u wat rjt,u may send her love thru' my blog leh...say something ok?
Don't worry abt it too much cos like u said she may get involved with some1 in the industry...hey but good fss aso man.

Anonymous said...

thanks BT, but how to express my love to her thru the blog? i dont think she visits ur blog..

btw, wat's fss?