Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The things I like and hate working for SIA (Singapore Airlines) cabin crew division pt. 5.

SIA is generous in bonus payout,often giving the staff an average of 4 to 6 months a year. It is a cash rich company and all those staff who served loyally for a long period of time had benefited from it.

Of course, SIA in the last 20 years were not as generous as it was in the 1970s or early 1980s,especially after it was listed on the S'pore stock exchange. The management had to answer to its shareholders for every little things. SIA became obsessed with the idea of cost cutting. The longer serving staff felt it more than the junior staff. Nevertheless, it's still a good company to work for.

One more thing before I forget was the privilege of having to work side by side with some of the prettiest girls. The other thing was also the honour of serving the likes of people like MM Lee and Mrs Lee, the late David Marshal,Prof. Tommy Koh etc.

Our rosters back then was lose and the night stops at outstations was relatively long. It's not that bad even at this time when most airlines are edging towards unprofitability due to high oil prices,cut throat competitons and protectionism.

Admittedly, Singapore Airlines is not only a great way to fly but a great employer to work for.

Now how about those things I hate working for SIA?.....hmmm will tell you more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

SIA - Sickening Idiotic Airline

Anonymous said...

SIA - Sickening Idiotic Airline. According to a passenger who did not get his choice of meal.