Saturday, September 20, 2008

How is the SIA cabin crew interview gonna be like tomorrow?

Your guess is as good as mine. Many will be rejected and dejected. one out of a hundred will succeed at tomorrow's walk in interview at Sheraton Tower Hotel,Singapore.
SIA has for the last 1 year frantically looking for cabin crew in S'pore and M'sia but without much success. The quality of the wannabe are below SIA's standard. Many do not possess the charm and charisma of a cabin crew. Many would try for the job of a steward and stewardess,only to be rejected repeatedly. Snake-like queue will formed at the Sheraton as early as 8 am tomorrow.
The suggestion is that SIA should take a look at the Vietnamese,Thai and Cambodian girls. There is a big market out there and SIA could not go wrong. The girls are hungry and the salary of S$3,500 a month would spur them on to give their best.
Look at TG and you would agree the stewardesses are,in general,better in every aspect compared to the S'poreans and M'sians. Go for it SIA otherwise you might not be a great way to fly anymore.

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