Saturday, November 22, 2008

SIA steward accused of rape or is it?

The leading steward who was accused of raping a stewardess is still in Abu Dhabi,held by the authorities for further investigation. The so called victim is also held there to assist the authority in its investigation.
In order for a woman to prove rape in Abu Dhabi, she must provide at least two male eye-witnesses – an impossibility in most rape situations.
We just hope the stewardess does not turn out to be the accused because of perceived "sexual provocation". It is against the law in certain Arab countries if a woman were dressed in modern western attire. A woman according to the law there must cover herself from head to toes. Let's watch the following video whereby a woman who was gang-raped turned out to be the "accused" and given hundreds of strokes of the cane.


Anonymous said...

Latest Rumours!!! The Steward was found not guilty and there was no evidents of any penetration !!! No penetration means no rape !!! Shame on you girl for crying wolf if that is true, wait to be sue girl....

Anonymous said...