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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fear of flying/plane crash.

Many have asked me whether I was afraid of flying. After 35 years with the airlines,ironically my answer is yes I am afraid of flying. Then the next question was how did you manage to survive after all these years? Frankly I don't have the answer. Perhaps I could carry on flying for so long was because I did not want to work in the office. I loved the life style of a crew,living in posh hotels and having breaks at different cities around the world. So there wasn't much of a choice.
Each time there was a severe turbulence,my balls would shrink,thinking the plane was going to crash. But honestly speaking our modern aircrafts could withstand the severest of storms and turbulence in the sky. They would not break into two or into pieces,at least not with SIA aircrafts whose average age is 5 years. So that was quite reassuring.
Our pilots (SIA) are extremely well trained and SIA has one of highest standards of flight training in the world. The pilots are very focus on their job. Must admit they are pretty efficient but not much can be said of their attitude towards cabin crew (except the busty sexy SIA gals). Well who cares as long as they don't crash the planes right?
A couple of days back a Qantas flight from S'pore to Perth dived several hundred feet due to a computer glitch. But no one died although 40 over people were injured. Still the plane did not break up in mid air.
The chances of a plane crash is something like 1 in 10 million. The odds are in our favour and that perhaps also kept me going and flying until my retirement. So if you were to die in a plane crash,it is like you have struck the Toto first prize or the S'pore Sweep.


Anonymous said...

Ye, probably that SIA is one of the safest airline I hav ever ride on.. I agree with u that u said that they've got high quality pilots...
Even though ppl may say that SIA is safe, but dunno y, my uncle juz told me that he had one bad exp with d plane.. The aircraft engine on SIA fleet 2 Shanghai after a smooth landing seems 2 be broke down... It stopped when taxiing and the engine couldn't turned on...
Wat do u think bout that?????

Anonymous said...

Smtimes this things happened but at least it didnt crashed.