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Saturday, 25 October 2008

SIA profit down for sure.

For sure SIA pax load would be affected badly by the global financial meltdown. I would not be surprised the profits would be halved judging by the battered share price of $10.56 down from $15.40 just 3 weeks ago.
The cabin crew wannabes would be disappointed because SIA would have to slow down its recruitment or maybe not recruit at all. The picture is bleak for the travel industries and the extreme would be the retrenchment of staff and crew.
SIA management is good at cutting cost during the good times and even better when it comes to a situation like the current one.
Air crafts aplenty but where are the passengers? The coming school holiday period would be a test for SIA. We shall wait and see but it's better to "fasten your seat belts" and brace for the "crash".....but this time round no more cces to get rid off,hahaha. Perhaps the deadwood managers,vps,svps and highly paid executives be asked to go.


Anonymous said...

Yeh U r rite ! during the last Sars retrenchment those against HIM were booted ! today he and his cronies should be given the 1st kick !

paul said...

hmmm... i agree with your part about cutting cost.

well, bonus will go down for sure. Not to mention next year's dividends too.

But likely, a consolidation of the airline industry during this crisis will make the company outperform in the future if it is steady in its maneuvering.

Let's see how it flys.

Anonymous said...

HIM being the demon EDDIE CHEW.
In about a year's time, all his cronnies and the demon himself would have left SQ. You are right about those who was against him were retrenched. Saw the demon walking alone in Parkway Parade like a lost man. His time is near.........

Anonymous said...

The demon always hangs out in a coffeeshop near Chai Chee just across his house in Jalan Terang Bulan, OPERA ESTATE. Love to meet real soon...hopefully just me and him.