Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Buy milk and not cow

This one is from the right hand side bar:
 Anon8133: yah smart men steal sips of milk; they dun bring the cow back! some stupid men bring the whole cow back! smart bt!

There is this story about an ex colleague of mine who loves milk. Instead of buying milk he bought the whole cow. As a result he now not only has to feed and maintain the cow but also has to feed the whole family herd of cows.

Let's call him Pan. He now spends his time and money on that cow which over the years has become old and unproductive. Pan now and then would buy milk because his cow has stopped producing milk for him.

Pan is spending his retirement money maintaining that old cow and her family. They are sucking Pan's retirement fund dry,I was told.

I was told Pan is under the spell of some kind of black magic whose practitioner was the cow be continued.


Anonymous said...

Why buy the book when there is a Library issit ? :-)

Anonymous said...

Ya lor why marry when there are plenty of them at sexy and pleasing too,right?

Anonymous said...

Ah yah..... all of your got many sayings but in the end also get married. Right or not BT?

bohtong said...

aiya all bought cows and regret now la...hehehe

Anonymous said...

wah bt, true or not ... ? is the cow a goat now and the cow is from penang? men should know that penang cows give only cowdung, not milk...and penang spells backfire and turn into goat's milk which the old cow have to maintain ... lucky pan, just graze green grass, drink goat's milk and pass out more cowdung ... lesson? never trespassed into pastures that is not yours.

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