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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Current crisis affecting crew?

Current crisis affecting cabin crew? From what I know many of the crew still carry on living as though the economy is still booming and in a golden era.
Many are now splurging on cars since the coe is down to $2. Many crew are still spotted wearing Rolex watches,carrying and buying Louis Vitton stuff.
As for cockpit crew there are smarter.They are snapping up apartments and houses since the prices have come down a lot. These guys are loaded with cash.They saved lots too,vacuuming up aircraft food....mmm..talking about aircraft food,BT here are starting to miss them 6th year into his retirement....hehehe.
A/c food used to urgggg to BT but now misses them after walloping the hawkers food day in and day out...hehehe.
If a crew were to consume a/c food during his career say of 20 yrs and don't spend much on food at nightstops,he can easily save about 700k. Don't believe right?
Many a steward,have saved 100k in the first 3 yrs of flying and 700k is within reach,provided he remains single and live a frugal life style. Lets not talk about those who saved and bought Lehman Bros bond and those High Notes sold by our banks. Of course they lost most of their savings.
Talking about Lehman Bros...ya I have heard of a few cockpit and cabin crew losing their pants.One even put in about a million and lost all...but then still got hope because that ex ceo of NTUC Income Mr.Tan is trying to speak up and help those who are in the process of losing their money. Better still if you help rally support for Mr.Tan who aspires to be our next elected president. Wah lau can you imagine Mr.Tan becoming our president? I like his desire of championing the underdogs.
Let's see whether he would stand for the presidency when the current presidency term expires. Good luck to you Mr.Tan and may you succeed in helping the S'pore underdogs!...hehehe.

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