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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Its good to hear SIA is not retrenching workers

Good on you mate! You have learned your lesson from the 2003 retrenchment exercise. Bad times get rid of workers and the moment business turns around you are suddenly and critically short of manpower.
So now even in this global financial meltdown you are damn scared of booting your workers especially the cabin crew.
In fact,I appaud SIA for going one step further and that's instead of booting the cabin crew at this time,it's recruiting more.
CEO Chew gambatte and we love you for learning your lesson and not following some ang mor ceos who instantly boot their staff the moment their earnings fell!


Anonymous said...

Thats what they say for now. Wait for the next 2 quarter financial results then you'll truly know. When SARS broke out, SQ said take pay cut, take no pay leave so no need to retrench. What happened after that we all know. SARS only lasted for less than a year and they retrenched 200+ workers. Will this crisis last for less than a year??

Anonymous said...

The jia liao bee CCE like you had been finished off. So nothing to retrench this time.

Anonymous said...

always have a little red dot....
.. with dogs and doggy cart..
lah, lah, lah