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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What the fish!

It was a few minutes passed two in the morning and Hugh was absolutely drunk with too much boozing. He couldn't hold his pee anymore and it was bursting his bladder. Hugh staggered to the toilet in his hotel room,opened the door and stepped in. Suddenly,the door slammed closed behind him. All at once,Hugh's senses returned to his numb-skull head and realised he had opened the door of his room instead of the toilet's.
The door autolocked and Hugh could not get back into his room. He was standing outside his room along the corridor. Nothing wrong with that because it was not uncommon to find oneself accidentally locked outside one's room with the room key inside. We just have to call reception to open the door for us.
In Hugh's case it was absurdly stupid of him to lock himself out. He remembered vaguely there was a colleague staying in the room in front of his. Hugh,in between lapses of wakefulness and drunkenness,knocked at his colleague's door.
Jean opened her door,half asleep and on seeing Hugh let out a hysterical shriek........... "what the fish are you trying to do,you bastard!"Jean screamed at Hugh.
Why all the drama? ....well...mmm.....Hugh was naked that's why!!!
Now Hugh has plenty of explanation to do at the company's disciplinary inquiry. It's any one's guess whatever is going to happen to Hugh.

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