Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Emirates Airline Cabin Crew Training FAQ

How long does the training last for ?

The training at Emirates is intensive and lasts for 6 weeks. Not counting the introduction week. You’ll have 2 weeks of Security & Emergency Procedures, 1 week of First Aid Response and finally 2 weeks of In-Flight Service.
The First week will be used to finalize paperwork you’ve submitted prior to joining Emirates, and will introduce you to the company. On the 2nd day you will go for your uniform fitting !

What is SEP ?

SEP stands for Security & Emergency Procedures. These define the “How To’s” of evacuating an aircraft during emergencies. It lasts for 2 weeks and is great fun. You get to do real emergency evacuations on full-size, rollercoaster simulators of the Boeing 777 and the Airbus A340/30.

Do I have to swim ?

Yes. You’ll be tested for ditching, which includes an eventfull afternoon bobbing around on the slide-raft. The pool is deep, an average person won’t be able to touch the bottom. You’ll be wearing a Life-Jacket so don’t panic, you’ll float. Another thing, the pool is freezing cold. You’ll be in clothing, from top to bottom. You’ll have to climb back on the raft, so practice in your local pool…

Is SEP training hard ?

Yes/No. Depends on your methods. There’s a hell a lot of information to take on. Learning emergency drills by heart and equipment location of 5 different aircrafts. But as the days go by, you’ll familiarise with all of that, and it will in turn be easier towards the end. A good dose of revisioin every night is essential.

What are the facilities like ?

Erm, brilliant ! Emirates have spent an amazing amount of money do rebuild a spanking new Training College with state of the art facilities, from BIG simulators, to freezing cold pools along with classrooms, inflight service trainers and all sorts. You’ll be amazed at how good these are. Making it very easy for you to learn quickly & efficiently.

What’s First Aid about ?

Well, in case you encounter an injury or sickness on-board your flight, you’ll be able to respond with your first aid skills learnt at college. You’ll get to practice CPR, bandages, and learn a lot of medication names… You’ll be the perfect nurse at the end !

What do I learn during Service Standards ?

Well everything service related. With a focus on how to deliver food, drinks, how to answer Skywards questions, the service sequences and much more. It’s an intensive 2 weeks. With lots to remember especially airport codes !

Is there any place in Dubai where you can find internet services in case of not having a notebook ? Is it necessary to travel in business attire during your joining travel ?

There are many internet cafes around. Not necessary to wear business attire. But they do expect casual wear.

Will be attending an assessment day in the near future and I am concerned about a small tattoo I have on my ankle. I am a male so is the no gone zone applicable to both male and females?

The tattoo on your ankle is fine as the male uniform covers up your body totally.

If for some reason I become homesick and want to return home, do I have to pay for my training that Emirates provided for me? And is there a minimum period you cannot leave such as a contract?

You will sign a contract for 3 years with a probation period of 6 months, you are entitled to 1 rapatriation ticket with emirates to your ALD (annual leave destination). I’m not sure about the training fees though, I think they will deduct some kind of money from the time you spent in Dubai. But for sure, in the first few weeks you won’t have time to get homesick.

What is the schedule for the first week in Dubai? When do you receive your medical and what does this involve?

The first week involves paperwork mainly with corporate induction. On the second or third day you will get your uniform. Medical is in the first week, all they do is check you record to see if it’s the same as you provided, update your vaccinations and that’s it. Oh a drug test is also done…

If I fail on training, what happens?

You resit or go home.

Where can I get some documents and videos about training for courses?

No documents or videos have leaked from the training center. Those are confidential documents so it is unlikely you’ll find them.

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