Sunday, December 7, 2008

The positive things crew learned from passengers.

I've blogged about the negatives we picked up from our precious passengers. Now we turn to the positives.
  • Tell white lies eg. "I am feeling real bad.I have a weak heart and the economy class is too cramped.....I am going to have a heart attack.." *..faint..faint*  In such a case, the crew may bring this pax to the business or first class cabin so he could have more space and air to breathe.Often,the crew will administer oxygen.(pax got to stay in the business/first class cabin he wanted without paying a cent more)
  • Being flattering eg. in order to get smaller concessions than the upgrading like the above,paxs may say this to the crew...." wow you must be the supervisor....the confidence you exudes and the passenger handling skills are absolutely first class....." plus all the other craps. In the end,pax asked and got his glass of Dom Perignon from the first class.
  • Be miserly and thrifty ...ever seen paxs tip crew for the efficient service?
  • Stand up for one's right.
  • Control one's temper and not slap those serving you or else get sued.
  • and many others........

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