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Monday, January 12, 2009

Special request from my ardent supporters.

Many of my loyal readers and supporters and visitors to my blog had over the last 2 years asked me to tell about my life as a cabin crew with SIA. Intially I had declined but because more and more are asking me to blog about my life story,I finally gave in to their request here

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Anonymous said...

Bohtong, I have a few questions for you

1) How many % of cabin crews do you think are loose type? My friend put it at 90%. What do you think?

2) Do you think there are any pilots that are faithful to their wife?

3) Do you think it is possible to have hanky panky in the cabin bunk in aircraft when they rest?

4) Can an air stewardess wife be trusted when they're overseas? I know trust is necessary in a marriage but doesn't mean if we trust that means nothing will happen right? At the same time, we can't control our partner's movement when she's abroad right. So what is your advice for coping with such a situation?

Anonymous said...

Q1)60% loose type
Q2)Few say ard 10% are faithful
Q3)Unlikely because there are other colleagues resting in the bunks too
Q4)Can't trust most of the wives.

If you love ur wives/hubby u have to close both eyes.Dun blame them cos it's the nature of their jobs.

PS. Above are my personal views and may not necessarily be correct. Also I won't be held responsible for any marriages or lovers' breakups after reading the above.

Anonymous said...

A bad boy is the perfect match for stewardess.

I've come across a few, and their relationships with their stewardess spouses seem to have worked hand in glove.

The guy is normally a CBL, sometimes got job; sometimes no job. Drives a car around, which of cos is paid by the stewardess wife. But the main purpose is to fetch the stewardess wife to and fro airport. During his spare time, he will go St James Power or Zouk and pretend to be single.

Anonymous said...

David has hit the nail on its head. Bad boys are good for unfaithful stewardess wives.

Anonymous said...

stewardesses generally dun make good life partners. most of them who went into this line share certain traits eg keeping late nights, lazy, know nuts abt housework or responsibility, likes to have fun etc etc as in the cantonese saying :"ho(3) sek(4) lan(1) fei(1)"of course there r a minority who r decent but this grp is far and few. i had around 20+ gf in SQ in my yrs there and i dun find them nice i always tell my frens:the script of the sad story is same, only different actress with same actor.

Anonymous said...

Stewardess are fuck toys. in fact they are so low in the fuck toy rankings that they are paired with salary dependent yuppies.

I know at least a dozen of drug taking stewardess who would gladly allow themself to be used in fuck parties jus to get free flow of drugs. before i was married, i got a couple of bootlickers who would arrange such outings for me. I pay for everything, they just need to get the girls and use their name for all transaction such as renting condo and getting drugs.

i will bring a couple of friends usually 2 girls to 1 guy ratio. we will bang them like animals when they are high. the scene is rather hardcore. imagine her pussy and pubic is filled with sperm from different man and you stuff yours in and cum. some of their hair got stuck like pancakes in the morning because so many men came on their face and hair. once in the morning, they always feel disgusted about themself and leave after showering. LOL

stewardess are sluts, they exchange their body for drugs, money and high life. one rank above them would be the relationship managers in banks. same shit different profile. anyway even if a good girl was to join the career, she would be influenced very quickly. we see new faces at such gangbang all the time. some even got pregnant from the parties!

such outings still go on but i had abstain from it because everyone fuck and cum without condom.

Anonymous said...

There guys are just pathetic ass that cant get their hands on the stewardess in real life. Sour grapes, simple as that. Get a life!. Anyway, good or bad girls or guys, it happen in any line, not necessary the cabin crew group. - CoffeeDrinker

Anonymous said...

Not all stewardesses make bad gfs..

However, because of the nature of their job, majority of them may not be the ideal housewife or gf or even mothers..

Unless, they quit their flying job and settle down, then they may be more domesticated. I know several of them who became very family oriented and turned into good mothers. But they have all resigned from their job..

But, with all due respect to cabin crews, at least most of them are well-mannered and courteous in public.. :)"

I've seen good ones. My neighbour and buddy's wife-to-be are very good living examples to justify that. I do know that for those international airline, pretty hard for them to settle down as they've probably seen much of the world and would like to cast their "net" to the wider sea.

As for Domestic/Regional airline like Silkair, it's only after you are promoted to CIC before you are allowed to take 1 year of no-pay leave, if you are pregnant.

As regarding their etiquette, yes that's what attracts me the most. Often they are well-dressed, courteous. But some of them once they opened up their mouth and starts to talk, damn it... spoil all the image..

Anonymous said...

Try not to condemn people, people behave in certain ways because of circumstances. All of us have a bad side in us, cos we are in this flesh. Which of you out there dare say you have not done anything wrong in this life? Have not done a single bad thing in this life? Most important thing is, repent and accept the Lord Jesus Christ and worship HIM day and night, and let The Holy Spirit do the rest. Once the spirit of a person is dominated by the Holy Spirit, the actions will follow. Amen and Praise The Lord!

husni said...

nice bog and good post .....
good luck in 2009 and happy new year

Anonymous said...

Wow.some post comments make me hard to believe.
Just wondering, those guys who brought women to east coast car parks.
I don't think all the women are stewardess rite.Could be a common women which work as a admin job or smthing else.
It happens in the real world.

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