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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

S'porean & M'sian cabin crew wanted

SIA is once again recruiting cabin crew from S'pore and M'sia in January 2009.
Click http://airlineposition1.blogspot.com for details.


Anonymous said...


I am a year 2 polytechnic student. Somewhere next year in August i will be starting my internship. I would like to join SIA cabin crew team immediately during my intern. This means that i will start my training with SIA during the intern period as i am 100% sure of joining the cabin crew after graduating from my hospitality and tourism course. However, I am not sure if this way may work out becasue there have been no seniors or people doing so yet. Is there any suggestion you can give? Like eg. writing in, or going for the pre interview to secure the place first?

Thank you so much! And i have been hooked since i found your blog this week! :):)


Boh Tong said...

Lyla, me not too sure too but from what i gathered u still have to apply to sia the normal way like walk in or write in interviews. The internship is with tiger airways isnt it and not sia rite?

Anonymous said...

Hi Boh Tong,

have been reading your blog for quite a while. Your blog have always been interesting..
Wonder you have any lobang for SIA table calender 2009?
I would really love to get it!!!

Anonymous said...

Cindy dear thnks so much.Sori I dun have sia calender la.SIA nowadays dun even send me a copy cos they forgotten about me.


Anonymous said...

Dear Boh Tong,

Thanks for replying!
Btw, keep on writing ok?
An early Xmas & New year greeting to you!
God Bless


Anonymous said...

Dear Cindy...it's for ppl like u that I am blogging.Thanks for ur appreciating and commenting. Luv u sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

Hi Boh Tong!

Hmmm not really for tiger airway but for SIA. If example i write in and pass the interview, will they secure the place the place for me till my intern start? Thank you so much for your prompt reply!! :)


Anonymous said...

what about indonesian cabin crew recruitment?
is it already over?
my FA said that next year there will be no recruitment again as the impact of global crisis...

Anonymous said...

deiby sia has temporarily stop recruiting indonesian.