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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Am I a dinosaur?

Some readers commented under my article Who has better chance to sleep with the stewardess? that I am outdated,behind time,old fashioned and so forth. Well well well, to be honest I don't have the answer. I may be behind time but my stories are true. I blogged about things that happened during my time,most of the time. As for today's happenings, I may have limited access to the stories. You know SIA kinda hinted to the crew not to have anything to do with me. That's the reason my colleagues in the office refused to respond to my sms,email and other channel of communication,They shunned me because they are afraid it may cost them their precious you see I only have limited access to the current stories,happenings and gossips.
Hello, if you don't like the things I blogged then you shouldn't come here in the first place. Wanna a debate?

Debate about girls sleeping with the ppl I mentioned in that post huh? Come la, the girls are still the same today. If they want favour they know who to go to...its the same in the office too la not just with the crew. What's the big deal about prostituting oneself to get promoted or good flight patterns? Maybe the word prostituting is too strong but whatever word one uses,it is still prostituting la. It means give one's body in exchange for a favour. Spies use it. Look at Matahari,she did the same too rite?
See for yourself how many girls,stewardesses and admin officers alike would go out with our former svp for drinks,karaoke and flings. Whether they get the favours they were out for was another thing but the fact remains if one is in possession of power,one would be surrounded with pussies!

Just updated on my other blog about "Those senior crew"


Anonymous said...

Bt u ur a good story teller!

Anonymous said...

Uncle BT , Matahari here wants to give but no body wants to take leh ? hahahahah

So how are you ? Happy "Niu" year to you :)