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Thursday, January 29, 2009

He is worst off without SQ

I met Jon at a wedding dinner not long ago. In fact,we haven't met since he was sacked from SQ about 20 years ago. To be honest we weren't the best of friends but we were invited by an ex inflight supervisor for his son's wedding.
Jon is completely bald,still skinny like he was 20 years ago. He hasn't changed a bit all these years,at least not in appearance. However,his behaviour has changed for the worst. Jon was boisterous and under the influence of a few glasses of beer became loud and offensive. He,in less than an hour at the dinner table used words like "assholes" and "fuck" more than a dozen times. He used vulgarities in the presence of his wife and other women without thinking twice. He became crude and unpolished since he left SQ.....he wasn't like that when he was still flying.
You may asked me why did SQ sacked Jon?.....well it is a long story which I will go into in my next post.

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