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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ikea Tampines is where they meet

Understand that retired inflight supervisors (IFS) of SIA as well as serving IFS and a few other senior cabin crew meet every week (Thursday)at the cafe at Tampines Ikea.
Over there one may listen to gossips and talk gossips and old grand father tales.
A few ex cabin crew executives also meet over there with the ex IFS.Amongst the retired crew are Hock Lye,Wah Tock,Tong ST,Meng How,Roland Soh,"Bolah Kochet", Jerry,Steven,BJ,EP,Thomas,Edmond,Luke,Richard Harn and many others.
Ikea Tampines is an ideal place to hang around because carpark is free of charge and drinks are charged at $1.50,refillable somemore.
Like in London where we used to stopped for a couple of days,the crew would hang around eateries serving refillable coffee/tea throughout breakfast period.Such favourite crew haunts are in Earls' Court a 15 min walk from Gloucester Hotel. Why not huh afterall English b'fast with fillable coffee and tea at 3 pounds or about S$7.50 back then ( may be a bit more now)?
Hey cabin crew wannabe don't waste your time meeting these retired crew after reading this post ok cos they don't have any power to help you become cabin crew? If you just wanna to spend a pleasant afternoon listening to SIA crew gossips then this would be a good place. Pick up your courage and approach these old grandpas and introduce yourself then everything will fall in its place.But beware of long windedness..if cannot tahan then excuse yourself and make it to the exit...

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