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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Greg my ex colleague,a henpecked hushand

His wife was a fierce woman,a school teacher by profession. He was an ex colleague of mine, a hen-pecked husband. His wife's name was "Ann" and his was "Greg".
Greg was the sort of man who would submit to his bitchy wife for the slightest thing. She would abused and made fun of him in the presence of the crew and did not feel bad about it. Greg on the other hand would accept Ann's "rubbish" and smiled them off. To him nothing Ann did nor say would ever hurt his ego.
He was a man to begin with,he always told us. He told us the best way to get back at such a wife was to fuck around behind her back. And fucked around Greg did, for almost 40 years of his life as a cabin crew. The best thing he told us was,Ann never knew anything about his love affairs with stewardesses and female passengers.
The last girl friend he had before his retirement was his trainee,a foreigner. Their love affair went on for almost 8 years before she left the airline.
He screwed so many female passengers and stewardesses and yet got away with it. Or was it?......Perhaps as many of us thought, Ann all along knew about her husband's flings with other girls but because he was such a "good" boy to her she chose to close both of her eyes. Another theory was Ann was frigid and didn't like sex or she was a lesbian. We suspected the latter.

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