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Monday, February 23, 2009

More pages viewed on weekdays

I notice there is a trend of visitors to my blog. More would come on weekdays than weekends or public holidays. Take for example, on a Sunday I would have about 1,000 hits as compared to a weekday which is around 1,500 to 1,800.
Reasons? Well,I don't really know.Could it be  people come here through their office computers. Perhaps they are bored with their daily chores in the office and one way to make life more interesting is to visit and read my stories. 
How about weekends or during the public holidays? Lesser visits may be due to people having more interesting things to do. 
Any comments from you people out there? 


Anonymous said...

Weekends busy with social life. Anyways here is Monday morning 02.33 a.m.
You still haven't told me what you normally have for breakfast. :)
And why you removed the blue pail and pond pictures? Make sure you tell Tan not to soak in pond, if he wants to stay healthy.

Anonymous said...

My dear Singora, u must b from the US rite?
B'fast? No la cos i will b fat in no time.
I removed Tan's pics cos he emailed me to remove them.Said I embarrassed him. He was soaking in a hot spring whc is good for his health la.

Anonymous said...

:) from Canada
tired of bacon and cereal liao

Anonymous said...

tired of bacon and cereal?? then come back and have chee chong fun,mee rebus,lontong etc

Anonymous said...

you are right, weekend got too many things to do... weekdays working boring, so see everyone's blog..

jeremytuah said...

=1%working + 90%blogging + 9%others..

=95%++'jalan2 cari makan' + 5%(to 0%)blogging..


Anonymous said...

Weekend and public holidays people go out. Same for my blog and many other blogs too I believe.

Weekdays people after work, go home and surf. Weekend, go shopping, swimming whatever you can think of.