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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Union object to cabin crew being randomly checked.

Below is an extract from Alan Tan,Chairman of Cabin Crew Division SIASU. The union is unhappy over the manner in which the cabin crew has been randomly spot checked for ......

Spot-Checks on Cabin Crew.

We recently had another spate of spot-checks done on a few sets of Cabin Crew into Singapore by SATS police as arranged by Cabin Crew management.

SIASU has expressed its unhappiness and disappointment with management as to why such random spot-checks target only the Cabin Crew and not on any other staff who are also in the aircraft in the course of their work.

Cabin Crew Management claims that the spot checks are done when tip offs are given and, to avoid accusing any crew individually, the whole set is then searched. Further as they are unable to ascertain from which exit the targeted crew would depart, spot-checks are conducted at different exits and on the crew who happen to arrive at that time frame.

This indiscriminate, expansive method of subjecting the faultless majority of cabin crew to such searches is UNACCEPTABLE.

Read here for more from the union chief.


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