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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cases of loved ones who left.....

Got to know a few cases of cc wannabes who finally got their dream job with cabin crew only to split with their loved ones.
Why is this so? Hmmm....some got their girlfriends/boyfriends left them vv because of jealously,possessiveness etc. It's really heartbreaking to hear their stories. But to those who left even before their bf or gf were involved emotionally or sexually with fellow crew,I've this message for you....you are not worth having as life partners! You can't even trust your loved ones so how can you ever share your selfish lives with them. Good riddance to bad rubbish! Hey guys there are better fishes in the sea so just cast your net wider.


Anonymous said...

Wah BT....How come suddenly talk about relationships? Remember when we used to go to "Bea Chiao" & "many chances" years ago, we used to say cabin crew change boyfriend & girlfriend like change underwear.

Anonymous said...

Home Turn I think u got the wrong person