Saturday, March 21, 2009

A serious allegation!

From the comments in the previous few postings of mine,I think the relevant authorities should look into the matter. There were many accusations of certain cabin crew being allocated better flights(means more earnings)than others.Senior male crew were alleged to have taken advantage of stewardesses because of their positions were also cited.
The allegation is serious and more so at a time like this when resources are scarce and crew are being asked to take unpaid leave.
They will also tarnish the good name of our airline.


Anonymous said...

its ok BT ,this forum is a good place for some frastrated crew to destress.Reading their comments and stories is always a "joy".Keep it up forumers,and thanks for all your valuable information

Anonymous said...

Good on u mate!

Rocky said...

Do not worry too much,Crew only talk,but no action.Just feel free to post whatever information you have and make this website an interesting place to visit.