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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Overcharging at the Newton hawker center

DON'T want a shock when you get the bill for your seafood meal?

One of them said that customers could ask for their food to be weighed and the price calculated before confirming their order.

He said: 'Foreigners, especially, should ask to weigh first and confirm the price if they're afraid of being cheated.Click here for more

Even if you have the prawns or other food items weighed,how can you prevent the hawkers from switching your weighed items to smaller and lighter ones before cooking?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps SIA can do the same.
Fat passengers who eat more, can pay for their f&b by weighing the amount first. Airlines here in NA no longer serve free F&B. Europe is charging passengers for going to the toilet. BT, SIA crews still DA BEST.
You let customer pee'd in to a bottle. (yr previous story):P

Anonymous said...

We will charge for the pee bottle too. I am sure many paxs will pee in their pants cos it's cheaper and then get the stewardesses to dry-clean their pants for them.As if not enough,demand sia to reimburse them their laundry and get a free shopping voucher...hehehe