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Monday, March 9, 2009

Recession worse than SARS of 2003?

Many people are asking whether this global financial meltdown is going to affect SIA as badly as during the SARS crisis of 2003 or is it going to be worst.
During SARS, SIA was losing around S$2 million to S$3 million a day. SIA lost S$312 million in the first quarter of 2003, at the height of the outbreak of (SARS) severe acute respiratory syndrome. In the first quarter of 2004, it reported a profit of S$259 million. The turnaround was swift and SIA recovered.

Can SIA do it again this time around? Well,in the first place SIA is not losing any money at the moment. By the look of things,its profit may dipped severely but is still profitable. SIA has not pressed the panic button like in 2003 where it paid some staff to leave in the form of the"Golden Handshake" scheme. It also retrenched unproductive staff. 

If you look around,the economic situation is really bad. People are being retrenched worldwide. Yes,millions in most major industries had lost their jobs. Singaporeans are not spared either.
How about the staff in Singapore Airlines? Anyone got retrenched recently as a result of the financial meltdown? None right? 
The furthest it went was asking some pilots on the freighter to take no pay leave. In cabin crew, the members were ask to volunteer for no pay leave. No one,to my knowledge was given the "Early Retirement" nor retrenched.

In this trying times,people still have to travel. Many may have downgraded from prime class travel to economy class travel....but they still have to travel,be it being reallocated back to their head offices or being sent home after losing their jobs. Others still travel for businesses' sake and leisure.

The recent concluded travel fair in Singapore reported an increased in travel sales. While the number of visitors dropped 3.5 per cent, over S$45 million of travel sales was chalked up, compared to the S$50 million achieved in the previous year, when the economy was flying high
This year more Singaporeans are travelling and naturally SIA will benefit more from this.


Anonymous said...

Yes, SIA did the right thing in 2003 by getting rid of all the dead woods ! Should do the same
now !

Anonymous said...

Are you sure? Some of the dead woods are still flying!

Ben said...

Remaining deadwoods are a favoured lot by the airline(may have belonged to eddy's grp)

Jeff said...

If you were one of the retrenched, you would not be calling those affected "all the dead woods". We should not pass judgement on others. Some that were retenched, were opponents of Shortie or had personal conflicts with management. Some that were earmarked for "Golden handshake" are CTs today. Right or not BT?

Bo Tio said...

Ya U r rite ! All those who go against Shortie were sold as DEAD WOODS ! So No judgement passed. Judgement made fren ?

Jeff said...

Yes big joke. Many who were listed for Golden Handshake but refused to accept, were grounded for several weeks. Remember them sitting in the SIA training centre canteen daily reading novels. Some could not take the humiliation so took "handshake". BT can verify this. Some of them who had the "thick skin" to stay back are CTs now. What contradiction! So were they "dead woods" that became "good woods" after 2 yrs? I seriously doubt so. Most of them, including the retrenched were "marked" not becoz they were non performers but more becoz they had made enemies with either Shortie & Co or the Mgmt.

T C said...

1st name on "handshake list" was CS G.G, who stood against Shortie & Co in a past election. Many of his group were also on the list, like the late CS Handsome Lim K. S. & others. Those who posed no threat to Shortie were left behind to rot till 55 with no extension like Don Juan C. L. Others were left to hibernate. Fortunately for them Alan came in and recruited them. If Shortie still in power, this retrenchment round sure "clearance". Shortie's favourite word "CLEARANCE" especially used when referring to getting rid of someone. Right or not Shortie? You can run but you cant hide. See u soon.

PasserBy said...

TC this guy you have mentioned as "shortie" must be a terribly bad person.How the hell he had so much power. I don't understand as I am not a crew.

PassedBy said...

Dear PasserBy

You are lucky ! Better not know a guy like "Shortie". He is vicious,
scheming and dangerous ! Fark him
dead man!

Anonymous said...

Dear "Shortie", there were too many unfavourable comments about you. Yes you may seem to be a very powerful person over your years of service. Power and wealth may not necessarily brings happiness in a person. Ever sit back relax and think over the past? Whatever good, bad or ugly.Humans are generally selfish! They failed to realize the word "Fair". Unless they(humans)are the one affected. As a result you had caused mass grievances and hatred among the people who were scapegoats.Some people may be comfortable with the pay out.However some may be their rice bowl, and the payout may not be sufficient.Ever spare a thought for that? Yes you may have serve the co for a very long time and enjoy your retirement.Mind you it may be the begining of your retribution.This apply to all from top management down. Treat each other with kindness.Its still not too late to repent!

Anonymous said...

get him in Lhr or macau,don't forget aroy and the tallchaii,small 2 etc make all pay

Anonymous said...

No no dont do anything to hurt one another. Must act kindly la. Let us all pray for him. If he loves to gamble so much, then we shall pray for him to lose everthing until "terng kor" la. For how long? For the rest of his life suffer!!!! Here comes the favourite word ready drum roll please "CLEARANCE". This message also goes out to the cronies. Remember 2003 a tribute to them!

Anonymous said...

Anyone care to enlighten me as to who is "shortie" ? I left SQ 20 yrs ago...

Anonymous said...

Haha ! 20 years ago he was just a "shortie" amongst the crowd. Later "shortie" was riding high like a bird in the sky. Do you know ppl like Aroy, Donkey Kong
MC,Wee...all these were his dogs !
Now you know who is the Master ?

Anonymous said...

Now Shortie already "terng kor". owe many banks $. He & dogs borrow $ from SIASU Thrift & Loan. Also shortie owe many banks $. Ready credit etc.... every month minimum. We don't even have to pray, he is screwed. When he was Union head, his dogs used to support him with $. Now real dog also dun have.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous(no. 13) dated 12 Mar at 0454 am. Aiyoh still dont know who shortie is.If you read carefully from the first posting you will know la. Dont expect people to spoon feed you.
How come shortie is in debt? I thought he is staying in a landed property? Should be very comfortable le! Unless he gambles heavily and loss. Aiyah what ever it is let him dig his own grave! Time for us to watch the ending.........

John Lim Ah Hia said...

Oh Shortie loves the roulette at the casinos. That is why "cha lat". Alot of overdraft facility according to his dogs. Many of his dogs also contribute to his casino fund. Also collected alot of $ for helping promote alot of ex & present old IFS. BT knows about the fixing of promotions, but choses to keep silent.

John Lim Ah Hia said...

When Dan Tay had cancer, his dogs set up a collection table at Control Centre for weeks collecting funds for supposedly treatment. Short Ass Juay & R Wee were the main dogs manning the desk & handling the $. In the end D Tay only got a few $, rest were unaccountable coz no proper records kept. All contributions noted on exercise books. Many such books went missing. When D Tay questioned Shortie, he was told to be appreciative and not ask too much. Many say that D Tay's promotion to CS was delayed becoz he asked too many questions about the $. Not long after Short Ass Juay was hit with cancer too. While in Hospital, he received a few calls telling him he deserved what he got. Imagine on your death bed and people call and tell you this? What could he have done to deserve such calls??? Your guess is a as good as mine....

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh cannot like that la! Donation money also want to take? Very "Chek Ark" le! If its really true, then bless those who had contributed. If those who pocketed the money, they will pay back the price for doing it.You know who you are! If these people are capable of doing such things, then it only speaks volume about their honesty.
As for "Short Ass Juay" he may have stepped on someone"s toes. Yes one time or another there may be differnces among us, as a result
they became enemies. Nor matter how popular a person maybe,he or she bound to have enemy.
Back to the first posting, whether SIA did the right thing in 2003?
If you say "Yes" then is just taking the easy way out!Now where is the welfare or integrity.
Then comes the union. What the union is there for? "Pai Swee" ah?
There are many options to it.But instead of protecting the staff, the union just follow the flow of things to come.This has caused tremendous damage to some people.
After reading all the postings, you can tell the anger and the hatred against the person who is responsible for it.
Whether he or she deserve all the swearing and cursing?
I leave this for you to answer!

Anonymous said...

John Lim Ah Hia you said it man, all this while I believe that other Short Ass Juay is Boh Ho Lang

Tina said...

Looks like most short asses are bad people hoh? Wa so many of dem in cc,like die liao.

Ah Ti said...

Ah Hia what you said about Dan Tay collection is it true? Like that "C liao lah". The cat is out of the basket! This is CBT you know? Remind me of "Mousey Teo" le.He pocketed $35 mill of our money.Brilliant guy."Die la" like that if our COE "Bogey Chiu" read this sure get CPIB to investigate. Something similar to our NKF.
Quick get rid of the exercise book.
Maybe they will say like "Its an honest mistake and lets move on"

Ah Bo said...

Since the cat is out of the bag, it will be very good if more of "shortie's associates" could come out and expose him !

John Lim Ah Hia said...

I know what I'm talking about. I even drive him to f@#k while I park my car downstairs and wait for him to finish. Sad to say I was once his running dog until I saw the LIGHT. After turning on him, I was under tremendous pressure so I asked for medical board out during Ben F time as union chief. He helped me get it. Ask the old timers if they know who I am and they will tell u.

John Lim Ah Hia said...

Ah Ti now that Shortie is not in power, more will be willing to speak of this issue especially old timers. Better still if u fly with Dan Tay or his bro IFS Peter, they will tell u. I don't talk cock or sing song. Shortie & his dogs did alot of harm and hurt many CC. Its a matter of whether u know or not. His ex-dogs in the present Union will dare not mention anything as some of them benefited from him directly. People like Donkey Kong, Makan Cheat Lim, aRoy sPek and too many others to mention.

Ah Ti said...

Ah Hia I salute you! Just wonder how many of the running dogs before would admit it. At least you repent.I believe you will be forgiven of your wrong doings in the past.Everyone is given a second chance in life.

When a person is powerful or wealthy, you will find that he or she will be surrounded with a lot of "Bayang"(shadow). For what ever reason.Most of us have got an answer to it.Either to be used or to make use. It's an individual choice. The option is yours.

The worst thing that could happen is, when there is a trade off that will affect the majority.
That is why now you see all the dirty linen starting to surface.

It is very sad. Some human beings when given the power,they abuse it at the expense of others.

John Lim Ah Hia said...

Its a pity I left SQ long ago, memory now not so good after all these years or else will expose more on how promotions were fixed and who paid for it. Hopefully God will help remind me some of the names & incidents where Shorite and his dogs abuse their position. Next to be exposed...SEOW ERR.

Suo Tee said...

Ah Hia you were his dog before but why wash dirty linen now. People like you are worse than shortie.In chinese they call you :"boh cheng" (boh tong's brother haha)

Anonymous said...

Ah Hia talking about "Seow Err". He is a cunning, sly, aloof, proud,arrogant, bastard etc.......
Just wondering how many would agree to these facts! One of the Biggest Dickhead in CC!

Ah Ti said...

Suo Tee in this world where got the word "U Cheng". If the word exist then the co. or the union should not let the retrenchment happen during 2003.

The co.should value the staff more for what it is today.
The union should also be grateful for being elected. But instead some were given the golden
So also "BO Cheng".

The co and the union failed to see the loyalty of the staff that put in the no. of years of service.
There are other options to take.

So my point is the union and the co. are also "BO Cheng". Agree?

Anonymous said...

Talking about "SEOW ERR" Once a

pax asked me how a short and ugly

guy like him can become a steward ?

I have no ans but "arm chio"

Sio Tee said...

Ah Ti I agree with you wholeheartedly.*Sigh* *Sigh* why are ppl like this? Aiyah mgt think of making money and union thinking of benefits for themselves.Trade-off is the word.KNN

John Lim Ah Hia said...

Suo Tee confessing cleanses the soul. Sooner or later we all come to terms with what we have done. I share so that others will learn. If join Union must do so without ulterior motive. Not easy especially when all those around you corrupt. This is what happen to me when I join Shortie. All the dogs were having everything from women, to fixing flights & getting promoted. I thought then why be a fool and lose out when ALL were ehjoying perks. So I joined in the fun, Very important that Alan is very strict with his boys. Many were with Shortie and old habits die hard.

M Liau said...

"Talking about "SEOW ERR" Once a
pax asked me how a short and ugly
guy like him can become a steward ?

I have no ans but "arm chio" "

Who say I am ugly? If I am ugly, how come I can have a FSS girlfriend for so many years? All here are sour grapes as they cannot get the FSS. KNN

MC Lin said...

Ya i can testify M.Liaw has a fss g/f and tok kong too. You Alan's dogs are jealous that's all.

Anonymous said...

Hello ! I think Life balance things up la ! F...face but
beautiful g/f ! Thats why they
have Beauty n the Beast !

Anonymous said...

If a person with good character and personality, and no matter how awful looking he or she is, people here will not comment on the appearance of the person.
It is only when the person is very unpopular with the majority of the crew, then you will get such unfavourable comments about him or her.

"Who said I'm ugly".
Dont have to verify that as its stated that the pax asked.
Having a F/SS girlfriend for so many years does not equate to good looking.

Still living in a state of self denial!

Anonymous said...

This is not the first time Seow Err has got gf. Many blind girls in CC. Look only at color of jacket and perks. Previously he was close to CCE Planning Anthony Chia that he fix flights for Seow Err and accompany him on the flight too. Think it was a US flight. Of course Seow Err gf also rostered on same flight.

Anonymous said...

if shortie can have gf,soew err should not have a problem because they promise them good flights and promotion lah

Anonymous said...

royy is doing LHR again.seow err did about 20 LHR in 2007.go check

Anonymous said...

f--- lah,what about the soarer who did 20 tyo-lax in 2007

Anonymous said...

at least we did not have infighting like allann's group

Anonymous said...

" at least we did not have infighting like allann's group "

Aiyah.Sure lah no infighting.Only 01 man rule.The rest just nod their head lah.If open mouth, will be call traitor.How like that?

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh! 20 LHR and 20 TYO/ 2007.
Are you sure? Could it be COF?
If it's true wonder what is planning doing?
Who's accountable for all these?
One year there are only 12 months.
How to get 20 of these flights in a year.
Some body is sleeping on the job!
Need to open up the records and do a proper check.

What is happening?

Something fishy is going on!!!!

Ah Leong said...

Ah John,
In my opinion I was shock to learn that you were promoted to Inflight Supervisor.Surfice to say without help you will never be there.You were given a direction to go,but you chose to go astray,and on top of that bit the hand that feeds you.So your present predictment speaks for all who betray their masters.Get a dictionary and find out the meaning of "retribution"

TTThomas said...

"Ah John,
In my opinion I was shock to learn that you were promoted to Inflight Supervisor.Surfice to say without help you will never be there.You were given a direction to go,but you chose to go astray,and on top of that bit the hand that feeds you.So your present predictment speaks for all who betray their masters.Get a dictionary and find out the meaning of "retribution"

Very good advice. Ah John you should not betray the Master. Even if the Master ask you to eat "shit" you must eat. Even the Master ask you to sell your family, you must. Then you would not get "retribution". Understand?? Good logic?? Hahaha..

John Kim Ah Hia said...

Ah John if you were in my position then,you would have done the same. Difference is maybe you'll still be doing it. I at least got the guts to repent,confess & leave SQ. So don't judge. Anyway you sound like a die hard fan of Shortie. Why? He fix yr promotion like he fixed mine? Loyalty is good but when it is BLIND loyalty then you're no better than he is.

John Lim Ah Hia said...

TTThomas sounds like a wise man who speaks from experience. We should learn from him how to eat shit and sell his family. He sounds so convincing.....

Anonymous said...

Some of you here may be grateful to your master for the favours and blessings you get from him years ago. And as a token of appreciation supportive comments were posted here. I respect your loyalty.

But when someone from the group decided to spill the beans, he will be label as a traitor or being ungrateful.

Some of the people here fail to see the macro part of things.
They only look at the micro side.

With ref to the 1st post here is whether SIA did the right thing in 2003?

If you are those that not affected of course you will be singing praises about your master.

If you are those that affected you will be upset with the union for allowing it to happen.
As there are many optiions available.

The impact for those affected varies from the years of service.

The worst scenario is when a staff who was short of 1 month before the 25 yr service.
Now let me ask you how do you feel if you are the one.

To sum it up there is no compassion and welfare from the co.
Human being are basically SELFISH.

So the word RETRIBUTION befalls on who, not for us to decide base on Karma.