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Friday, March 6, 2009

A tribute to SIA

SIA, xie xie, thank you
Me 'O' level not from the U
Make me a flight steward
A kampong boy so backward

I was a pioneer with SIA
When you split from MSA
Kept me for donkey years
I worked without tears

Always enjoyed my time
With SIA,she's always kind
Sad to leave in 2003
But it's not for free

Paid me 25 months salary
That made me very happy
With free tickets somemore
SIA,you I really adore

Free travel for life
For me and my wife
I thank you for ur loving care
Till we bought your SIA share

At 18 we thought it's a good buy
Now at 9 we keep asking why
Stupid to buy at a price so high
I have to sell and say good-bye.


Anonymous said...

Boh Tong now you "pok kai",sia share down,down,down...hehe

Anonymous said...

Your "0" Level during your time is equal to U. standard.

Ian said...

I remember Lat's Kampong Boy. Does he still draw those cartoons?

Anonymous said...

Ian : This guy is no Kampong Boy !

He piak piak around the world !

Ian said...

Or jalan jalan

Anonymous said...

Was a kampong boy but now a city oldie...hahaha

Ian said...

Boh Tong, you have so many blogs, I didn't know which one to leave my reply on. I lived in a kampong house in Malaysia for more than 2 years and used to drive down to Singapore and stay at Raffles, which is still my favourite hotel in the world.

Anonymous said...

who the F is this Ian,he is not one of us.shortie in disguise?