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Monday, March 30, 2009

Will tell you about our ex- SVPs

Wait till the polls closes and I will give you a run-down of all the former cabin crew senior vice presidents or cabin crew directors as they were known earlier.
I know each and everyone of them pretty well to give my 2 cents worth on their styles of leadership,character,temperament etc.
In fact,there was another SVP called Capt. Segar. He was the first SVP we had. He passed away in Perth,Scotland of throat cancer about a decade ago.


Extinct said...

Boh Tong : When a person reached the top, they are basically the same as old chinese say 1/2 kati 8 taels. We a group of dinosaurs know Capt Segar was your God-father. ///^_^\\\

boh tong said...

Capt Segar was IFS TH Goh and CH Heng's god father,not me la.

Anonymous said...

Same Same one la all !

Dogs eyes see people low !